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1998-01-22 17:34:30


Insurance Industry May Ground Airlines.



The insurance industry is threatening not to insure flights in 2000 if the accident is y2k-related.

The airline industry is stunned. "It just can't be."

Yes, it can.


* * * * * * *

Airlines have poured scorn on insurance industry claims that planes could be grounded over the millennium owing to lack of insurance cover. Representatives of the main carriers, who attended a closed-door session of the International Air Transport Authority's year 2000 group in Singapore last month, dismissed the idea as "unthinkable", a source revealed. . . .

The Aviation Insurance Officers Association and Lloyds' Aviation Underwriters have jointly drafted an exclusion clause, to be agreed by members of the London aviation market by the end of February. "Year 2000 is an entirely foreseeable problem, so it doesn't conform to the requirement of a valid claim; that an event must be fortuitous," said association chairman Keith Selby. . . .

Air traffic controllers at an emergency meeting of the International Federation of Airline Controllers last week simulated the date change. Their screens went blank.


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