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1998-01-22 17:40:24


British Firms Think Y2K Repairs Will Be Cheap, Easy



Managers of British firms believe they can get compliant for less than $150,000. They think programmers will be easy to locate.

This is denial. The managers simply do not know what is going to happen to their firms.

This is from COMPUTERWORLD (Jan. 22).

* * * * * * * *

Nearly 75% of the UK's companies think they can fix their corporate millennium problem for less than £100,000, and 50% think they can do it for less than £10,000. These are among the findings of a survey of 1,000 organisations, large and small, carried out in November by the Computing Services and Software Association, Gartner Group and Microsoft. . . .

"People believe they can achieve millennium compliance simply, for little money, and that it will be easy to find the people to do it, none of which is true," said Rob Wirszycz, director-general of the association. . . .

•34% believe it will be easy to get staff skilled in year 2000 work,

•36% have no contingency plans,

•29% have not commissioned a risk assessment of the year 2000 impact on their business,

•16% believe they have already achieved full compliance of business-critical systems,

•and 55% of those totally dependent on midrange platforms do not believe there is any work to do.


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