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1998-01-23 20:41:08


GM Has 2 Billion Lines of Code to Examine & Repair



Until this report, I had not seen any firm with more lines of code than AT&T (500 million). This dwarfs AT&T.

GM claimed in mid-1997 that it had repaired half of this code. It claimed that it will be ready for testing by late 1998.

One billion lines of code repaired! More than any company in the world. This is truly amazing. Either the feat is amazing or the claim is amazing; I'm not sure which.

This appeared in the DETROIT NEWS (Aug. 27).

* * * * * * * *

General Motors Corp. has rooted the potentially destructive "millennium bug" out of nearly half its computers and plans to complete the job by the end of 1998, a top GM executive said Tuesday.

Ralph J. Szygenda, vice-president and chief information officer, said that will give the automaker another year to test the company's 7,000 computer systems. It then can ensure that a computer glitch won't grind the car company to a halt when the calendar changes to 2000. . . .

GM has roughly 2 billion lines of computer code to search. Because GM relies on just-in-time parts delivery to its manufacturing plants, a supplier disrupted by the year 2000 problem could shut GM operations.


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