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1998-02-06 22:14:40


The Three Key Y2K Officials Resign


Anthony Valletta has resigned. As the Department of Defense's Acting Secretary for Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence, he was in charge of the y2k repairs. Two other key people have also resigned. Here is the assessment of the Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) in its y2k report for Feb. 6.

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At DoD, the Valletta departure caps an exodus which also includes Cynthia Rand, principal director for information management, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense/C3I; and ASD/C3I IT Director Sam Worthington. "Thereís no one left running Year 2000 for Defense," said one industry observer, adding, "No one is well placed to make decisions. You canít have GS 14 and 15s running around getting this job in a big agency like DoD."

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