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1998-02-10 11:55:42


$9 Million Y2K Repair Job: Oops! Try Again. $10 Million More, Please!



The New Zealand National Library spent $9 million on a repair job that failed. Now it wants another $10 million.

I ask: Why should we think most of the other y2k repair jobs will not suffer the same fate? The PR departments can promise anything, including the universal December 31, 1998 deadline to begin testing. Why should anyone believe them? Where are the verifiable success stories?

They knew in December, 1996, that the project had failed (unless this is a misprint for 1997). Yet they still have not decided on what remediation strategy to adopt.

This is from NZINFOTECH WEEKLY (Feb. 9).

* * * * * * * *

THE National Library is planning to spend up to $10 million on a computer project to ensure its cataloguing system continues to work after the Year 2000.

The library previously spent about $9 million on the disastrous National Document Information System computer project, which was to have made the cataloguing system Year 2000 proof, before abandoning it in December 1996 because the software did not work. . . .

The final scope of the project has not yet been finalised, Mr Blake says. Once a solution to the Year 2000 problem has been chosen, it will become clear what other features can be included.


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