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1998-02-11 11:00:02


British Airways to Spend 100 Million Pounds on Y2K Repairs



British Airways is trying to get compliant.

Notice the familiar rhetorical slogan about "planes falling from the sky." No planes will fall from the sky. No planes will be in the sky to fall. With the FAA mired in 1972, and Britain's CAA not far ahead of the FAA, planes will not be flying.

* * * * * *

BRITISH Airways is spending 100m to cope with the headaches produced by the millennium bug and ensure that its computers are updated to keep its fleet in the air.

Fears that many passengers may refuse to fly at the start of the next millennium because "aircraft may fall from the sky" have made BA and other airlines increase their efforts to update information technology systems.

The BA investment in upgrading its computer installations involves replacing equipment in aircraft where there are embedded chips that cannot be reprogrammed.


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