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1997-06-11 19:51:54


OPEN FORUM - Securing Your Home



Geography is crucial. To spend money to gain a somewhat more secure home in a neighborhood that inherently cannot be secured is not the best use of your capital.

If you are 100% dependent on public utilities for your survival, then you are taking a great risk in remaining where you are. You are betting that the bland assurances of Year 2000-compliance by non-technical officers of these companies that their technicians will meet the deadline, and that the technicians in all the companies theirs interacts with will also meet their deadline.

After taking care of your geography, take care of your immediate surroundings. What can you do to increase your family's safety in the four walls of your home (unless you live in a yurt or a geodesic dome). That is what this forum deals with.

Think about where you would rather invest your money: (1) in a noncompliant financial institution that promises to pay you in the future if things don't break down, or (2) in your home? Which do you think will sustain your lifestyle: unsecured written promises or the physical environment that you can create this year?

Timing is important, but more important is the decision you make today regarding electrons (promises to pay) vs. atoms (the goods you can buy today).

I have made my decision.


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