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1997-07-06 19:51:54


OPEN FORUM - Home Power Generation



"If the power grid goes down . . . you had better have back-up power." There are few statements so obvious.

How would you maintain your lifestyle if the power were off? In a city, you would be hard-pressed to maintain your life, let alone your lifestyle. But in the country, what would you do without electricity? Scramble.

Solar power systems can provide middle-class living today. If you will give up air conditioning and electric heating and cooking, a solar system can provide just about everything else.

There are other sources of power besides the sun. But the sun is usually the starting point.

Take an inventory of the items you use now that are part of your comfortable and productive way of life. Mentally go through each room of your home. Or do it literally. Mark off those items that are run by electricity that you would not want to do without. You now have topics for this forum. How would you maintain or replace them if the power grid goes down? Or if you lived in a safer place that did not have power lines?

If you can unplug from the power company, you can buy rural property at a deep discount because middle class people rarely think of alternative power. The savings may pay for your home power system.

The moderator of this forum, Charlie Collins, is known on-line as Mr. Solar. He unplugged from the power company almost three decades ago. He knows first-hand what solar power will do and what it can't do.


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