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1998-02-11 20:05:46


OPEN FORUM - Launching New Forums



Specialization accompanies the division of labor. It increases our wealth. The greatest threat facing us today is the Millennium Bug's threat to the existing division of labor.

If we seek greater output, we seek greater specialization. The more specific the information we seek, the more difficult or costly it is to obtain. That's why we need lots of forums. The more specific the discussion forum, the more specific the information.

This forum is here to help you get in contact with other people who will participate with you on a specialized forum that is not yet available. If you can't get a question answered on one of the other forums, you may get it answered here.

Problem: there will be so many of these questions that it will be hard for anyone with an answer to spot yours. A lot of questions will go unanswered. But when you see a question with a lot of replies posted, you'll be able to spot a potential future forum.

When there are replies from enough people to get a forum going -- people who want to continue the exchange without the "noise" of unrelated questions -- one of you should contact the Webmaster. Tell him you want him to create a new forum. He will contact me. I will decide if I want it on my site. If I do, I will contact you. Then I will try to locate a moderator. Meanwhile, you will do the same. My decision is more likely to be "yes" if I have the name and e-mail address of someone who has agreed in advance to be a moderator.

A moderator should know enough to provide answers, suggestions for further research, and places to find answers. Another task: to warn people when they are departing from basic courtesy or from the topic of the forum.


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