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1997-07-08 20:13:35


OPEN FORUM - First Aid/Home Remedies



"Who ya gonna call?" In a crisis, you may not be able to call anyone who can get there in time. If the phones are down, the range of available help will shrink dramatically.

What would you want in a first aid kit in December of 1999 when you head to Aunt Martha's for your annual Christmas visit, the tradition you had better get started in 1998?

There are lots of books, courses, videotapes, and local programs that can teach you first aid, but hardly anyone buys them or takes them. There are products on the market that will be life-saving in a crisis, but hardly anyone buys them. When it becomes clear to people what they are facing, you won't be able to buy them. Buy them now. Let's find out which are the good ones and where we can buy them.

What did people do two generations ago, before TVA brought power to rural areas, before everyone had a phone? More to the point, if they had had the money to buy today's products, what would they have done? Let's ask someone who can remember.

This forum is where you can learn about the best products available today for emergency first aid and the home remedies of the past.

These remedies may not work. At least, they may not work for you. There will no doubt be far-out suggestions on this forum. Many of them will not have been recommemded by the Mayo Clinic. But, as Murray Rothbard once said, "When three qualified physicians tell me I'm terminal, I'll look for a quack."

This may not become a popular forum. People don't like to think about life-threatening injuries. They don't like to discuss prevention. But in the year 2000, people will wish they had. Bad things happen to good people. In 2000, bad things will happen to millions of good people. That's when you will want to be part of the remnant.

You will want to buy now what you won't be able to buy then? What are these items? Can you get them wholesale? Think through your family's risks today. Think through these risks if you were in a rural area. They may be different. You must prepare for the risks where you will want to be, even if you have to carry your supplies with you in an emergency.

Once again, I request (beg, implore, and generally waste my effort): ASK QUESTIONS. Begin each new post with a question. I have instructed moderators to blip (kill, remove, terminate with prejudice) ANY new post that does not begin with a question.


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