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1997-04-08 00:00:00


North Carolina's Y2K Bill: From $7 Million to $300 Million



The State Controller of North Carolina now says that it will take $300 million to fix the state's computers. So far, the legislature has allocated $7 million. (In between these two figures lies a predictable collapse of the state's government.) He calls the situation an emergency.

Here is an honest assessment by a member of the state's Information Resource Management Commission: "Under the current organizational structure, I have zero confidence that they can pull it off."

Of the state's 900 computer systems, 700 are not equipped to handle the year 2000.

Deadline: January 1, 1999, to allow for a year of testing.

If you think your state is way ahead of North Carolina, think again. Then take a look at a map of the state: very few large cities despite a large population. The state is decentralized.


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