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1998-02-13 13:54:03


Y2K Discussion Forum: 75% Are More Pessimistic (Dec. 1997)



In December, Graham Ride conducted an informal poll of members of Peter de Jager's discussion forum. The results of 103 responses: three-quarters of them were more pessimistic this year than a year ago.

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In the two weeks leading up to Christmas a survey of Year 2000 experts on the Peter de Jager Year 2000 discussion group was carried out. De Jager's group is probably the premier Internet discussion list for year 2000 matters and has over 2000 subscribers world-wide.

Participants were asked if they were more or less optimistic about averting a year 2000 date change disaster than they were a year ago. In the survey, carried out by UK year 2000 consultants, Cybermetrix Ltd. and entitled 'The State of the Onion' 103 responses were received of which 75.73% were less optimistic, only 10.68% more optimistic and 13.59% felt just the same. The State of the Onion is an allusion to the 'Millennium Bug' problem being like an onion with more and more layers which can be peeled away, producing more and more tears as each layer is stripped.

Graham Ride, Managing Director of Cybermetrix said "The survey was only meant to be a straw poll but the result is clearly not what I wished to see. . . ."


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