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1998-02-16 11:37:18


Time for Triage, Says Y2K Software Renovation Firm



Data Dimensions assists organizations to make their renovations. The firm has now called for triage: saving those systems that must be saved for the organization's survival. It's too late to save every system.

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The term "Triage" is borrowed from the battlefield and is a medical process doctors use to assess the urgency of medical treatment for wounded soldiers. In battlefield situations doctors perform triage when the casualties are greater than available medical resources. Triage is a quick examination of all the wounded to determine who should receive the earliest medical attention. The wounded are sorted into three categories:

Category OneSoldiers who must receive immediate treatment to remain alive

Category TwoSoldiers who can survive for a while longer with little or no treatment

Category ThreeSoldiers who will die no matter what treatment is provided

In a field hospital with limited medical resources, the wounded in Category One receive medical attention first. Triage in the Year 2000 project can be compared with Triage in the medical field. In the same way that doctors prioritize soldiers' injuries so the most critically wounded receive attention first, so should you prioritize your own systems and applications to determine their viability.  

The Reality of Triage Today

In an ideal business situation you would have enough resources and time to complete the Year 2000 project before your Event Horizon. However, with the critical deadline nearing, Triage is becoming necessary for enterprises. . . .

Triage requires that you rank your systems and applications according to their importance and that you categorize them into groups with labels such as critical, deferrable, and insignificant. Ranking systems and applications by importance to the enterprise may cause internal strife. If certain departments are eliminated because their systems and applications cease to work, you can guarantee that emotions will run high. The Triage process is supposed to leave politics aside, and strictly deal with the facts.

Triage determines which systems and applications are necessary for the enterprise to survive. The systems and applications are divided into three categories as described below. . . .

If you lack sufficient resources to complete your Millennium Update Project before your Event Horzion, you must perform Triage. Triage, in many cases, is the process that will allow your organization to survive the millennium date change. After you perform Triage, your organization will fall into one of three scenarios. . . .

Perform Triage now. If you cannot fix all systems and applications before the Event Horizon, then prioritizing their importance could keep your company from failing.


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