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1998-02-19 17:45:59


10% of Australian and European Companies Won't Make Deadline



Cap Gemini believes that 10% of Australian firms will not make the deadline. This seems conservative to me, but 10% is a lot. Think of unemployment at 10%. We call that condition a recession. This estimate is based on Europe's expected failure rate.

This was reported in the AUSTRALIAN (Feb. 17).

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MORE than 10 per cent of Australian companies have virtually no chance of making their computer systems year-2000-compliant before the end of 1999, according to global IT services company Cap Gemini.

Cap Gemini's TransMillennium Services (TMS) director Raymond Chu said research conducted by it in Europe showed an alarming number of companies had left it too late and would suffer system failure.

"I have no reason to believe that Australia is any different," he said.


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