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1998-02-28 16:13:35


Check Your Region's Dependence on Nuclear, Coal/Oil



The Web site connected to this link is very important, but not for the reason it was designed. It's a site for environmentalists. They can find out how much local pollution their public power plant produces. What is important for our purposes is the pie chart that shows the percentage of each form of energy that a local utility uses. Your utility may be on the list.

All electric power utilities are at risk from y2k. All have embedded chips. All are dependent on thousands of suppliers, few or none of which are 2000-compliant. All are dependent on the division of labor for spare parts. All are dependent on banks. But if your utility is heavily dependent on nuclear power, a decision by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to shut it down in late 1999 will reduce your time to take evasive action.


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