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1998-02-28 18:25:04


A Long List of Problem Areas That Have Already Suffered Failures



The Cassandra Project has provided a long list of problem areas. Anyone who asks, "What could happen, really?" should begin here.

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Table of Contents

•Introduction: Examples Of Actual And Possible Y2K Related Scenarios; The Embedded Chip/System Problem

•Areas of Concern

•Critical Infrastructure

I.Banking and Finance

II.Continuity of Government Services

III.Electrical Power Systems •Fossil Fuel Power Generation •Nuclear Power Generation

IV.Emergency Services

V.Gas and Oil Production, Storage and Transportation


VII.Transportation •GPS •Traffic Systems •Air Transport •Automobiles •Railroads

VIII.Water Supply Systems •Essential Systems and Services

IX.Chemical Process Industry

X.Environmental Systems

XI.Food Supply And Distribution

XII.Home systems

XIII.Non-Emergency Health Care Services •Patient Care and Treatment •Medical Equipment and Devices •Hospitals •Other Medical Risks •Implications for Public Health

XIV.Monitoring and Warning Systems

XV.Power And Heating Supplied By Gas, Natural Gas, And Oil

XVI.Other Potentially Critical Systems •Criminal Justice System •Security/Access Systems


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