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1998-03-02 17:07:28


Tested by Jan. 31, 1999 -- How?



The IRS's goal is to have all code revised and tested by Jan. 31, 1999.

Testing takes from 40% to 70% of every y2k project. No one agrees which; it varies with the project.

How does anyone at the IRS know when 60% of the project's time has been expended, and it's time to begin testing?

Or do they think they can test everything as they go along, i.e., dispense with parallel testing when the code repair phase is completed?

What happens if the first test fails? How can they estimate this possibility and its effects in advance?

* * * * * * *

•All IRS in-house applications, production systems software and purchased commercial packages will be Year 2000 compliant by January 31, 1999.

•IRS applications will be analyzed, upgraded, tested and transmitted to production according to a well-defined, phased deployment schedule.

•The Year 2000 Conversion Project will minimize disruptions to ongoing maintenance, ensure positive customer relationships and prevent tax processing production errors.


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