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1998-03-03 12:18:49


U.S. Mails: Nothing Specific, But Don't Worry



The United States Postal Service has a plan. What it is, they don't say, exactly. But the code will be fixed in September, 1998, and verified in the spring of 1999.

You read it here first.

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Year 2000 Preparations

The United States Postal Service has been actively engaged in meeting the information processing challenges presented by the Year 2000. We have an overall plan and a systematic process in place to inventory, assess and make our systems Year 2000 ready. Our efforts are guided by an executive management team. We are scheduled to complete critical project activity in September of 1998 and complete independent post-audits by the Spring of 1999.

The Postal Service recognizes the significance of the Year 2000 problem. We have set an ambitious but pragmatic goal: Our critical systems and the movement of the mail will operate to and through the Year 2000.


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