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1998-03-11 09:01:05


Classic Silver Bullet News Report



Here is a classic silver bullet story. The reporter says there is a new software product that will sell for $59. It cures y2k. Wow! For only $59, the PC world can be saved.

There is a click-through on the seller's page. This is helpful. I clicked through.

I got to a company home page. I clicked from it to a list of products. Then I found the product.

Here is a company that supposedly has a y2k fix for all PC's, yet the product is buried three layers deep. This seems a bit strange.

I clicked the product icon. Guess what? In the list of features, there is no mention of y2k. Click through and see for yourself. Nuts & Bolts

A cure for the biggest problem of all, y2k, but the sales department of a major software company forgot to mention this benefit. This seems a bit strange.

I remain skeptical. When it comes to silver bullets, I recommend that you do the same.

This is from C/NET NEWS (March 2).

* * * * * * * *

Network Associates (NETA) has launched Nuts & Bolts Deluxe, desktop software that can, among other things, correct Year 2000 problems in PC hardware.

The bundle, expected to sell for around $59 in retail channels, also scans for viruses, detects hostile ActiveX and Java applets, provides desktop encryption, and includes 13 utilities to speed a PC's performance. . . .

The Year 2000 feature corrects Year 2000 hardware incompatibility problems, which could affect PC owners, particularly of older machines. It allows users to deal with Y2K issues ahead of time.


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