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1998-03-13 09:27:16


British Government Loses Momentum; Emergency Threatens, Says Guenier



Robin Guenier, whose Taskforce 2000 has been replaced by the new Labour Government, says that the things he recommended a year ago have not been done or have been done haphazardly.

This means that the government has lost almost a year. He warns of a national emergency.

This is from COMPUTERWEEKLY NEWS (March 12).

* * * * * * *

Robin Guenier's report card on the government's achievements in tackling the UK's year 2000 problem, if not quite a "nulle points", then hardly a top score either. Guenier highlights nine key tasks which Taskforce 2000 urged on the government way back in July l997, some two month after the new administration had got its shoes under the desks. . . .

Guenier's basic disappointment is that because of the huge loss of momentum originally built up under the outgoing Conservative government, but lost in the initial months of the incoming Labour government, we have now successfully turned a grave situation into an emergency situation.

"We've let eight or nine months slip, and we are now facing a year 2000 emergency," he bewailed.


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