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1998-03-21 00:28:23


Australia: From Mid-1998 to Mid-1999



The agency in charge of getting the Australian government compliant has announced that its November promise of compliance by mid-1998 was a tad optimistic. It will be mid-1999.

Question: How were the assessments this wrong as recently as November? And why should we believe that this assessment is not equally optimistic?

This is from the AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW (March 5).

* * * * * *

The Federal Government has quietly deferred by 12 months the date it expects government bodies to complete their year 2000 computer compliance activities.

The Office of Government Information Technology recently notified the Senate Finance and Public Administration Committee that information it provided in November saying the Government's millennium bug compliance program will be completed by mid-1998 was not correct.

The work will now not be completed until mid-1999. . . .

Although the Government has instituted a system of confidential quarterly reports to Cabinet from all agencies on progress on year 2000 issues, Mr Moore said "it's impossible to tell whether the problem is being addressed properly or not".


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