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1998-03-21 06:54:02


Federal Reserve Short-Changes Banks on Their Y2K Efforts



The Federal Reserve System publishes a quarterly newsletter on the century date change (CDC). It is supposed to help banks solve their y2k problems. The FED has now gone to publishing in PDF format: a picture of a page rather than HTML code. HTML fast to download and easy to read.

Outfits publish in PDF files because they don't have enough money to do it in HTML. But the FED is not short of money. Still, it has now gone to PDF, which makes it much harder to read any document.

Cheap. The entire banmking system is at risk, and the FED gets cost conscious. Penny wise and pound foolish. The fractional reserve banking is in its greatest crisis in history, and the world's leading central bank goes into discount mode -- not the discount rate but discount mode.

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