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1998-04-07 13:48:29


Denial in Action: No Problem in Wyoming!


Here is a letter from a government bureaucrat who has read my special report, "Blind Man's Bluff." He thinks it's all wrong. His friends -- governmnent employees -- told him so. He wants to know what my sources are.

Over 1,000 documents on line, and over 2,000 hours of work in building this site (for free), and this guy wants to know what my sources are.

These people are not going to make it. That thought cheers me.

This one lives in Wyoming. It gets cold in Wyoming. I wonder: Is his home heated by electricity?

* * * * * *


I'm Rick A. I read your document blindman.txt. What do you base your conclusions on?

I work in the Information Services Division of the Department of Family Services which is part of the State of Wyoming. I can tell you that we, and the rest of state government, are working on the Y2K problem. All of our essential systems are now Y2K compliant, or will be next year.

Everyone I've heard from in other states and businesses tell me they are also working on the solution. The IT press, like "Computing" and "ENT", backs up my estimation of people working on the solution.

I think your article is full of misinformation and opinion expressed as facts.

I'd really like to see your sources.

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