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1998-04-07 16:43:49


A Nuclear Power Plant's 1999 Schedule: 60 Days to Spare



A South Carolina nuclear facility thinks it will meet the 2000 deadline with 60 days to spare.

This appeared in the AUGUSTA CHRONICLE (March 31).

* * * * * *

Savannah River Site could be punished with a funding cut for failing to fix its Year 2000 problem in time for a federal deadline, says an agency tracking the government's massive computer conversion project. . . .

All computer systems will be compatible by October next year -- well in time for midnight on Dec. 31, 1999. . . . That's when computers worldwide will go haywire because they will interpret the last two digits of 2000 as 1900, experts say. . . . .

SRS has 494 systems that control nuclear waste processes and other critical work that must run smoothly to ensure the safety of workers, surrounding communities and the environment. Of those, all but five will have been fixed a year from today, plant officials say.

They should be fixed by the end of October 1999.

``That still gives us 60 days,'' Mr. Giusti said. . . .

SRS is working on its revised Year 2000 plan before sending it to the Energy Department in Washington for final approval. It is expected to be forwarded to the Office of Management and Budget some time this spring.


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