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1998-04-07 17:10:59


Massachusetts Discovers Y2K: $20 Million Bill



It seems a bit late in the game to be discovering y2k. Massachusetts is now considering a bill to allocate $20 million to solve it.

This is from BUSINESS TODAY (March 30).

* * * * * *

State lawmakers say it's going to take $20 million, and possibly legislative action, to prepare for the expected fallout from the Year 2000 computer problem.

The state Senate Science and Technology Committee has asked that $20 million be appropriated so that it can begin to deal with the coming computer glitch.

And if that $20 million isn't enough, committee members may consider enacting laws to ensure protection from what lawyers expect will be a flurry of Millennium-related lawsuits.

A spokesman for committee member Sen. Linda J. Melconian (D-Hamden,) said legislators recommended the money be set aside because they didn't want to be "short changed" when it comes to dealing with the issue.

"It is a problem the committee is aware of," said Melconian Spokesman John Macinerny. "They asked (Administration and Finance) Chairman Charlie Baker to be honest - to come up with an honest amount for what it might take to address the Year 2000 - and that's what they came up with."


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