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1998-04-07 21:14:33


Fortune 2000 Firms Decide to Forego Y2K Repairs



This report indicates that some Fortune 2000 companies have decided to wait and see what happens rather than to commit hundreds of millions to a repair job.

This is from ZD NET (April 7).

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A growing number of Fortune 2,000 companies are giving up on the prospect of renovating or dumping their legacy software over the next 21 months, and instead are bracing for the worst by formulating "contingency plans" for a new era of non-compliance.

Enough major clients are throwing in the towel, says John Lucke, director of marketing at Technology & Business Integrators, that the consultancy has added a new contingency planning discipline.

"There just aren’t enough resources to get the job done in time," he says. "And, at this point, nobody knows how severe [the crisis] will be … so we’re focusing more on helping clients anticipate the outcome and take the necessary precautions, without having to spend a lot of money." . . . A full risk analysis that will tell you which systems and applications pose the greatest Y2K threat and should be remediated first.


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