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1998-04-08 18:07:04


Texas Utilities: 100 Million Lines, Began in Mid-1996



Teaxs Utilities describes the Year 2000 Problem. Then it assures visitors that it began in time: mid-1996.

I am aware of no organization that has ever corrected, tested, and implemented a revision of 100 million lines of code. This includes firms that began earlier than mid-1996 (not many did). Let's hope TU makes it, along with all the other utilities.

Hope is not the same thing as "plan for personally."

Notice the phrase, "microprocessor-based systems." What does a large organization do with microprocessor-based systems? What are such systems? They are embedded chips. If TU has a problem with noncompliant chips and systems based on these chips, then there is far more to this repair than correcting bad code. Chips go out of production and cannot be replaced easily.

The final sentence is meant to be comforting: "The company is working hard to make a smooth, trouble-free transition to the next millennium." Too bad the labor theory of value isn't true.

* * * * * * * * *

TU has been addressing the problem since mid-1996. . . .

Could Y2K problems affect service?

TU is reviewing power plant controls and energy delivery system controls along with other company operations. While it is possible for microprocessor-based systems to have problems with the Y2K situation if not addressed before Year 2000, we are confident that this project will be completed well in advance of January 2000. . . .

Is TU monitoring compliance efforts of key suppliers and service providers?

As part of its compliance program, TU is contacting suppliers and service providers to obtain their support and determine their progress on this difficult problem.

This is a massive undertaking that will require a huge amount of work to accomplish. But TU began work on this project early and is well positioned to meet the challenge. The company is working hard to make a smooth, trouble-free transition to the next millennium.


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