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1998-04-09 13:39:31


Gas Pipelines: Another Power Problem



While there are a few documents on oil production and embedded chips, I have found nothing so far on coal. Natural gas had been another empty box until this item.

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We at MCN Energy Group Inc., and its subsidiaries, MCN Investment Corporation (MCNIC) and Michigan Consolidated Gas Company (MichCon) recognize the issues associated with Year 2000 and have made the resolution of them a top priority. In 1997 we established a corporate-wide project office to manage Year 2000 compliance. . . .

The scope of effort addresses all aspects of our business:

Application software - mainframes, midranges, and PC's

Network and communication software - business offices, field locations

Computer equipment - mainframes, midranges, and PC's

Communication equipment - telephone, radio, emergency alert

Control equipment - gas handling, storage, metering

Facilities - security, building control, environment

Procedures - forms, reports, customer service

Suppliers, partners, and financial institutions - certification of products and services

Through the project office and the corporate-wide plan, each business unit is in various stages of executing its plans. Many of our systems are already year 2000 compliant, and we have begun projects with aggressive schedules to modify or replace those that are not. We are also working with our third party vendors to ensure that they find and correct their own year 2000 problems. We are confident that these initiatives will provide a smooth transition to the year 2000 for our customers and business partners.


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