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1998-04-09 19:21:47


$75,000 to Belong to an Embedded Chip Work Group



The Electric Power Research Institute offers embedded chip seminars to its members, but only if they have paid $75,000 to participate.

There are those who dismiss y2k as some minor event. Others dismiss the possibility that power generation plants are at risk. I ask: If the industry's $500 million a year think tank charges an additional $75,000 per corporate participant, why would any company pay it unless the management feared the problem?

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Second Workshop on Y2K Embedded Microprocessor Problems in the Electric Power Industry

May 4-7, 1998

Doubletree Lincoln Centre Dallas, Texas

Background EPRI's Year 2000 Embedded Systems (Y2K) Program was organized in the fourth quarter of 1997 to respond to the electric power industry's needs and requests for sharing information on Y2K embedded systems issues. The program is designed to serve as a focal point for systematically collecting, assembling, organizing, sharing and discussing technical information about embedded systems that will help participants inventory, assess, and mitigate potential problems. A key part of this program is a series of EPRI-sponsored workshops wherein utility Y2K problem solvers can discuss their experiences and approaches to solving embedded systems problems. . . .

Workshop Objectives

This workshop will provide staff from participating organizations an opportunity for face-to-face discussions of Y2K embedded systems testing issues. The workshop will be organized by the following topical areas: (1) non-nuclear generating plants and systems, (2) nuclear power plants and systems, (3) substations (transmission and distribution), (4) distribution systems, (5) system operations, (6) project management, and legal issues (7) contingency planning, (8) communications, (9) facilities and (10) other topics, as necessary. . . .

Attendees should be those responsible for planning, managing, and conducting Y2K embedded systems work. It is recommended that those organizations just starting their Y2K programs identify staff who will have future Y2K responsibilities and utilize the workshop for job orientation and training.

It should be noted that while software problems will be discussed during this workshop, the primary focus will be embedded microprocessors, the systems in which they operate, and date-sensitive interactions between systems.

Registration Information

Attendance is open only to those organizations that have joined or made a commitment to join the Y2K Embedded Systems Program. The price of Program participation is $75,000.


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