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1998-04-15 10:38:55


Compliant County in Ohio: No Computer



Suffield County in Ohio has solved the y2k problem the old fashioned way: no computers.

My contention is that the era of the nation-state is just about over. In 2000, politics will revert to local jurisdictions. The small county and small town are where the next phase of political development will be. The welfare state is doomed. Thus, the modern centralized state is doomed. When the Federal checks stop coming, the welfare state will lose its legitimacy.

The bureaucrats will lose their jobs.

We're getting very close to a New World Order -- the end of the much-balleyhooed New World Order.

This is from the Akron BEACON JOURNAL (April 9).

* * * * * * *

When it comes to technology, Suffield Township is one place where time really has stood still.

But when the clock strikes 12:01 a.m. on Jan. 1, 2000, Suffield Township Clerk Paul Young is convinced his community actually will be ahead of many others.

While others are scrambling to deal with the technological nightmare that could accompany the turn of the century, Young is calmly continuing to use pencil and paper to balance the township's budget.

The township doesn't even own a computer. Young won't go online with the state auditor's office until after 2000.

``No use getting online now,'' said Young, who only uses his personal computer to type up letters and minutes from township meetings. ``It's just opening a can of worms.''


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