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1998-04-16 18:13:17


Australia: Not Finished With Y2K Audits Yet



The Australian government is so far behind that it has asked private firms to help it audit its computer systems. This is the inventory stage.

According to the California White Paper, awareness is 1% of the project; inventory is 1%; assassment is 5%; code repair and testing constitute 93%. This means that for some systems, the Australian government has over 98% of its task ahead of it.

Kiss the Austrialian government goodbye.

This is from the AUSTRALIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW (April 11).

* * * * * * * *

The Federal Government has asked private sector firms to carry out an urgent audit of government departments' ability to cope with the millennium bug.

The request to selected private sector firms with Y2000 expertise to tender for a large-scale audit of departmental and agency readiness has not been made public and compares with the Government's public comments downplaying concerns. . . .

The urgency and confidentiality of the project reflects a growing unease within the Federal Government about the adequacy of existing internal programs under which agencies report on their own Y2000 progress.


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