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1998-04-17 07:56:46


British Parliamentary Science Committee Warns of Crisis



Britain's Parliamentary Science and Technology committee has warned of economic setback and breakdown of public services unless the government's y2k budgets are increased.

This appeared in COMPUTERWEEKLY (April 9). [Registration is required; otherwise, you get the 404 error message.]

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The Parliamentary Science & Technology Committee's report on the year 2000, published this week, has branded the problem "a challenge without precedent" for the UK economy. "In the absence of adequate remedial action . . . there would be a significant negative impact on the UK's future economic performance . . . (and it) could cause severe difficulties in critical public services," the report said.

The committee starkly criticised the Government for insisting that the public sector would be given no extra money to fix the year 2000 problem, and that it seemed oblivious to the impact that trying to achieve compliance without new money would have on other IT projects. "We are concerned that such a strict approach may limit departments and agencies' ability to achieve maximum possible readiness . . . it may also involve them in even higher remedial costs later," said the report.


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