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1998-04-17 08:02:50


KLM Airlines Draws Up No-Fly Zones



The Dutch state airline, KLM, is drawing up a list of no-fly zones that are expected to be dangerous because of y2k problems.

This appeared in COMPUTERWEEKLY (April 9). [Registration is required -- otherwise, you get the dreaded 404 error message.]

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Dutch airline KLM is drawing up a list of no-fly zones around the world where ground control systems will not be millennium compliant. The carrier has set up the Global Millennium Compliance Forum with partner airlines Continental, North Western and Alitalia, to identify global year 2000 black spots.

Africa, South America, and parts of the US (IBM revealed in January that mainframes in 20 air traffic control centres in America could not be made millennium compliant) are believed to be areas over which airlines will refuse to fly on 31 December 1999. Hugo Baas, KLM communications manager, said flights should be staggered on safe routes to give a greater margin for error.

KLM pilots are practising navigation without ground control, in preparation for dysfunctional air traffic control systems, he added. . . .

In the next few days aviation insurers will begin invoking year 2000 exclusion clauses and issuing airlines with questionnaires on their compliance programmes.


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