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1998-04-17 08:07:55


Robin Guenier Warns of Disruptions for Britain



Britain's Robin Guenier is the equivalent of Peter de Jager. He doesn't say that it's too late. He just says that if things don't change, there will be a crisis. It will last a year.

Things then do not change. Month after month, things do not change. So, he goes out and gives the same warning.

At some point (December of 1999?), I suppose he will quit giving these warnings.

This is from COMPUTERWEEKLY (April 9). [Registration is required.]

* * * * * * * * *

I am involved with this matter solely because I am deeply worried over the way things might turn out. And I am determined to do what I can to ensure my grandchildren - and millions of other people - do not suffer as a result of an absurdity. This year I will be 62. It would be gratifying to think I had made some contribution to getting things started and could now leave the main effort to others. And it would be nice to continue with some speaking engagements, accept some of the non-executive appointments I have been offered, and get back to a more normal life. But that is not yet possible.


Although the Government is at last beginning to understand the nature of this problem, its current proposals are inadequate. They do not give this country the chance to avoid the worst consequences of the threat; although I believe the UK could emerge with less damage than most.

But unless we make immediate and radical changes in the way we deal with this, there will be significant damage. So I will continue to articulate what I know many agree is now required. Without a new approach, we are facing a mess. Disruption, possibly severe, will continue for months after the turn of the century.


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