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1998-04-19 13:53:10


FEMA Outlines Goals for the Year 2000: Silent on Y2K



The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is in charge of disaster management in the United States. This 1997 FEMA document doesn't mention the Year 2000 Problem, but it does feature 2000 prominently in its title.

Consider the powers that FEMA will have to possess to fulfill its mission for 2000.

Notice the phrase, "public/private partnerships." This same language is found in the PCCIP materials, too. It points to a consolidation of power over the free market by under Federal authority.

FEMA documents are silent on y2k. The managers have to know about it. If they don't, then of what use is FEMA? They know. They are saying nothing about their plans. Rest assured, they have plans for dealing with the effects of the millennium bug.

I hope you do, too.

* * * * * * *

Reinvention Goals for 2000

FEMA In The Year 2000:

Partnerships are Creating a Safer Future Reduced Disaster Costs Help Balance the Budget Customer Satisfaction Rates An A+

FEMA's Strategic Goals:

Protect lives and prevent the loss of property from all hazards. Reduce human suffering and enhance the recovery of communities after disaster strikes. Ensure that the public is served in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Delivering Great Service

Reduce by 20% the time taken to provide individuals with FEMA disaster housing assistance from an average of 10 days to an average of 8 days after the individual registers for assistance. (The current average represents a significant improvement over the high of 20 days during 1992.) Through partnerships with voluntary, state, local and other Federal agencies, act on all requests to meet the needs of disaster victims for water, food and shelter within 12 hours after the disaster event with the intent to coordinate provision of these basic needs within 72 hours after a Presidential declaration of disaster. . . .

Fostering Partnerships

Demonstrate that by creating disaster resistant communities through public/private partnerships, every dollar spent on mitigation will enable the community to avoid an estimated $2 in long range disaster losses.


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