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1998-04-20 22:21:31


Global Positioning System's 1999 Rollback Threatens Everything



The U.S. Navy's Global Positioning System of satellites will lose 1,024 weeks on August 22, 1999. This will create a crisis for every firm or system that relies on the GPS for its time calculations. How many systems are we talking about? Here is an ad by a company that sells GPS systems.

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The Chrono-log GPS (Global Positioning System) Time Synchronization option for the K- Series Multi-System Clock/Calendar provides unattended time synchronization to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) ... anywhere in the world!

Typical accuracy of one (1) microsecond is maintained for computers, transportation systems, control systems, and Time Display Systems in industrial, scientific, military, radio and TV, communications, legal and financial applications.


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