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1998-04-21 08:00:38


The Global Positioning System Rollback: Aug. 22, 1999



This is another problem that has not been widely discussed. Has it been addressed? Are all of the systems dependent on time signals from the satellites repaired?

This site says no.

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"GPS System Time will roll over at midnight 21-22 August 1999, 132 days before the Year 2000. On 22 August 1999, unless repaired, many GPS receivers will claim that it is 6 January 1980, 23 August will become 7 January, and so on. Accuracy of navigation may also be severely affected. Although it appears that GPS broadcasts do contain sufficient data to ensure that navigation need not be affected by rollover in 1999, it is not proven that the firmware in all receivers will handle the rollovers in stride; some receivers may claim wrong locations in addition to incorrect dates.

Some manufacturers have already solved the problem, but some have not.


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