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1998-04-23 10:32:00


A Detailed Contingency Plan: Very Complex, Highly Unlikely



The Mirtre organization has posted materials to help organizations form contingency plans. Any company that has to fall back to this is in big trouble. It will take an enormous effort to follow these guidelines, and the organization is already straining to fix y2k. It now must do both. Not many organizations will do both. But they must do both. Here's why.

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There will not be enough time and/or money to fix everything. As triage principles are applied, some low priority systems will not be fixed at all. Similarly, some medium priority systems may not be thoroughly tested. Finally, some mission critical systems may still have errors, even after thorough testing, just due to complexities and oversights.

Also, some solutions may not be available or work in time because they were overlooked, too complex, too costly, or implemented incorrectly. Further, it is impossible to ensure that all other organizations interfaced with externally have fixed their systems. Consequently, an organization's systems may be "infected" by bad data from other organizations and their systems.

Most organizations already have Contingency Plans for natural disasters and other types of contingencies. However, the difference for Year 2000 and related problems is that the potential widespread and simultaneous nature of failures is such that traditional backup or alternatives strategies may falter.


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