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1998-04-23 20:06:28


Banking Programmer Sings the Blues


This is an e-mail to me personally.

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I'm in the computer industry. I supervise/operate mainframe computers in the banking industry. I personally am involved in the testing aspect of our software. This is a nightmare just to do all of the testing that the bank examiners are requiring us to do, and they keep adding more and more that they want tested. There is not enough time left to even test everything that they are telling us that needs tested. They also say that we must test on the actual mainframe that will be operating the software at Y2K time. It's not a thourough enough test if you don't perform the test using your own hardware/software. And then they want you to run the same test at your disaster backup site too. Oh and I should mention that they want us to perform these same test every time we install a new software release, which is usually 5 or 6 times a year. (yeah right) Try doing this on weekends only, because it's to cumbersome to do when the banks are up and running online during the day, and performing the nightly updates Monday-Friday.

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