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1998-04-28 23:01:07


Huge Y2K Committee, Guaranteeing Failure



The larger a committee, the less it will accomplish. The U.S. Government's y2k committee is huge. I count 39.

Meanwhile, says programmer Ed Yourdon, the chairman's staff is three people.

"As I suggested in an earlier column, John Koskinen may be an incredibly gifted individual, but he's not going to get the attention or respect of a Colin Powell, Al Gore, or Bill Gates. Another question: if the Y2000 Czar is going to coordinate and communicate and lead the battle to help the Federal government to succeed with Y2000, why is it that John Koskinen's office consists of a staff of three people? From my perspective, it deserves the staff and the resources of the Manhattan Project -- but instead of three thousand people, or three hundred people, or even three dozen people, Mr. Koskinen has a staff of three."

So, there are ten times as many chiefs as Indians. This is an easy call: the government will not get close to compliance by 2000.

For a list of the members, click through. This is from FEDFERAL COMPUTER WEEK (April 13).


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