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1998-04-29 08:23:54


Southern Company: 50 Million Lines of Code



The Southern Company is a large regional power generation company. It began its y2k project in 1995. It has 50,000,000 lines of code to check and repair. It also has an indeterminate number of embedded chips.

This is from the Biloxi, Mississippi SUN HERALD (April 26).

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Mississippi Power officials and their parent, Southern Co., say they have been scrambling to meet a January 1999 deadline to make their computer systems "year 2000 compliant."

The company named its program "The Millennium Project" and started work in 1995. In the process, Southern Co. found that the problem was bigger than expected. The company discovered it had to rewrite and update more than 50 million lines of computer code involving over 1,600 different computer programs - no small task.

"It's the single biggest nonconstruction project in the history of the Southern Co.," said Mississippi Power spokesman Pat Wylie. "Our company has already spent $86 million on the project involving hundreds of personnel and consultants."

The early target date is to ensure the company has a year of testing to make sure everything works. The company also wants to make sure mission critical programs and even vendors, which supply items such as coal and natural gas to the power plants, are in compliance.


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