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1998-04-30 06:58:50


Swiss Firms Are Nowhere Near Compliance



Most Swiss firms have no Year 2000 project manager. Only about 10% of Swiss firms began earlier than 1995 to begin a repair project. About a third have yet to begin or began in 1998. Awareness has not translated into systematic action.

For Swiss managers, y2k is obviously not a high prority. Swiss managers are like U.S., British, and Australian managers.

About 60% of the managers believe that y2k is not a major threat to their companies.

The survey reports that "about 60% of all respondents have documented less than 60% of their systems in a repository." The California White Paper says that awareness is 1% of a y2k project; inventory is 1%. This means that 60% of the responding firms have over 98% of their y2k repair project ahead of them.

This survey was sent to 300 firms. Not all recipients replied fully. This was a small sample. The results sound much the same as results of similar surveys outside of Switzerland.

This survey was published by the Institute for Information Systems of the University of Bern.

* * * * * * *

About 40% of the companies regard themselves as highly or very highly affected by the Year 2000 problem. . . .

About one quarter of the organizations has already been hit with Year 2000 problems; about 35% assume that such problems will occur BEFORE January 1, 2000. . . .

Less than 10% of the organizations started their Year 2000 projects before 1995. More than 35% start or will start in 1998 or later. . . .

Only about 60% of the organizations expect that there will be problems in end-user applications (PC/LAN).

Only about 20% of the organizations have a complete documentation of applications in a software inventory; about a quarter of them have inventoried less than 60% of their software.

A more detailed documentation in a repository is only available in about 10% of all organizations; about 60% of all respondents have documented less than 60% of their systems in a repository.

Year 2000 problems exist in programs that have been developed in many different programming languages. COBOL-programs which are often pinpointed in this context contribute only about 35% to the applications that are not Year 2000 compliant. . . .

Only in about 50% of the organizations a member of the board is responsible for solving the Year 2000 problem. Only 50% of the organizations have defined a Year 2000 project manager; in 70 % of the firms in which a Y2K manager has been nominated this activity is organized only as a part-time-function. . . .

About 2/3 of all companies have completed less than a quarter of the expected solution effort. . . .

About 80% of the companies do not plan to develop a contingency plan. . . .

A majority of the respondents assumes a high probability of annoying consequences of the Y2K problem. . . .

The biggest problems are expected to arise in small and medium companies and in governmental and administrative systems.


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