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1997-02-08 00:00:00


Government Warns: Why Systems Will Fail



This February 6, 1997, report by the Office of Management and Budget admitted what the government is facing, and therefore what every computer- based system is facing. The OMB report did not adopt apocalyptic language. Nevertheless, what it described, if multipled across every computer-based organization, is nothing short of apocalyptic.

The report said of computers: "Unless they are fixed or replaced, they will fail at the turn of the century in one of three ways: they will reject legitimate entries, or they will compute erroneous results, or they will simply not run" (p. 1).

Clear, isn't it? Inescapably clear. Anyone who says that warning of a worldwide disaster as a result of this problem is "a lot of hype" or "way overblown" needs to come to grips with this sentence.


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