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1998-04-30 20:22:23


Bloomberg Says Y2K Will Be Like a Holiday, Sort Of


This was posted on de Jager's discussion forum (April 30).

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From: "Alan Simpson"

Addressing business leaders in New Jersey on Monday (April 27th), Michael Bloomberg declared that the Year 2000 problem "will not be as traumatic as many are predicting." Bloomberg said the inconvenience likely won't amount to much more than "a day off from school for your kids" while experts fix the problem.

As keynote speaker at the New Jersey Economic Forum, this head of Bloomberg News, suggested they focus on providing "nice lighting, nice desks" to create a "nice environment".

He then spent time explaining why the President of a Company should not have a reserved parking space, as this sends the wrong message.

.....Next week I have to keynote the same CEO's and explain about Y2K. Thank You Mr. Bloomberg.

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