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1998-05-01 18:50:43


Taiwan's Government: 280,000 Programs; Industry: 1,000,000



The government of Taiwan must go through 280,000 programs and fix any that need fixing. The private sector must do the same with 1 million programs.

Meanwhile, Red China has fewer programs and a very large World War II navy.

This Reuters story was posted on C/NET (April 18).

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TAIPEI--Taiwan's government is pressing its various branches and the private sector to work toward Year 2000 compliance to prevent the millennium bug from paralyzing the nation's data systems. . . .

Recent surveys by the government statistics agency have shown that the government needs to change 280,000 computer programs, while the private sector needs to change more than 1 million.

If relevant authorities fail to resolve the issue before 2000, Siew said, the result would be "critical" and the life, property, and market competitiveness of Taiwan would be at stake.


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