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1998-05-03 09:13:12


Natural Gas in Reno: Vague, Vague, Vague



Here is a report by Sierra Pacific, the natural gas company in Reno. It states the problems, promises to solve them, and won't say how far along the company is. The company started its y2k repair project in 1996.

The bureaucrat believes that if he describes the problem, the problem may go away. Or at least he pretends that it will. But to state a problem is not to solve it. For example, "I am going to die."

One reason why we know y2k can't be solved is because those who discuss it never tire of offering lists of problems, and never provide us with lists of actual institutional successes in solving them.

* * * * * * * * *

What could that mean?

A system crash;

Incorrect operation or lack of control;

Historical archives lost;

Problems with a building's elevators or heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems;

Potential health and safety risks to employees and the public;

Incorrect trends and forecasts...and more. . . .

Anticipating the Millennium Bug, Sierra Pacific Power formed its Y2k (Year 2000) Project Team in 1996 to upgrade all the company's computer systems and to ensure that electric, natural gas and water operations, as well as business application systems, will not be disrupted by computer malfunctions caused by Y2k.

We have already completed work on several of our major computer applications and expect to have all systems fully compliant prior to the year 2000.

We are also examining all microprocessors that control equipment located throughout our service area, including power plants, electric transmission and distribution facilities, electric substations, natural gas regulating stations, and water treatment facilities. . . .

At Sierra Pacific, we have adopted a systematic approach to addressing the potential impact of the Millennium Bug, as well as other potential computer date problems, such as the 2000 Leap Year and possible date problems beginning as early as 1999. This approach methodology consists of the following five steps:

Awareness. . .

Assessment. . . .

Detailed Analysis. . . .

Repair. . . .

Testing & Implementation


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