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1998-05-04 11:02:48


Some Telecoms Will Not Be Ready for Testing in 1998



This report indicates that the highly integrated telecommunications industry is vulnerable to the failures of individual companies.

While telecom firms promise -- as does every industry -- to be ready for testing by late December, 1998, it is not likely that all telecom firms will meet this deadline.

This is from INFORMATIONWEEK (May 4).

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The situation faced by the nation's utilities, where one noncompliant company could affect many, may be difficult. Most telecom carriers, for example, hope to complete year 2000 efforts by the end of 1998 to leave time for industrywide testing next year. But there may be a problem with hardware and software vendors switching technology.

"A lot of them may not be compliant by December 1998," says Jerry Bonello, year 2000 program director at Frontier Communications in Rochester, N.Y. "If a carrier has any problem with equipment and can't switch a customer to our long-distance network, that customer has an outage."


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