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1998-05-05 19:04:22


Thailand's Y2K Budget Blocked by Budget Bureaucrats



Duelling bureaucracies in Thailand lock up funds for y2k repairs. The budget bureau has blocked the spending of such funds.

One expert said that 30% to 40% compliance would be OK.

Think "banking" when you think 30% compliance. Or "air traffic control."

When compliant U.S. banks (if any) import data from Thai banks, what happens to the repairs? Gone with the wind.

This is from the BANGKOK POST (April 29). [By May 9, the link was dead.]

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The Budget Bureau is at odds with the Science Ministry over proposed funding for Year 2000 (Y2K) problem solving, saying the 200 to 300 million baht requested by the Science Ministry was not necessary.

But IT Consultant for the National Electronics and Computer Technology Centre (Nectec) Dr Wuttipong Pongsuwan says it's "unbelievable" - Thailand would become less competitiveness if it did not solve it's Y2K problems before the turn of the century.

Without clear allocation of budget funds, each agency would have to improvise techniques to deal with the Millennium Bug problem. This would result in inefficiency in all related efforts and would lead to less competitiveness in the future, Dr Wuttipong told Database.

The British Embassy recently asked Thailand how preparation for the Y2K problem was proceeding, looking for reassurance. However, in cases such as banking, power supply, insurance and so on, "We could not yet reply", said Dr Wuttipong.

He said the government needed to set priorities and categorise the various agencies' computer systems, determining what should be done right away, and what could wait.

Within this year, it should be determined what was necessary to be done, he added.

The Y2K problem was "enormous" - the whole world is on alert - and Thailand, if it is to compete with compete with others, must not be reluctant to tackle the problem. . . .

The first thing that each agency must do is setting up a Y2K Even if 100 percent of the Y2K bugs could not be "swatted", "just 30-40%" would be okay, he said. Dr Wuttipong added that the Y2K group, which comprises of 100-200 members from public and private sectors, would push the measures to the government soon. ... In addition, the Office of the Auditor-General of Thailand from now on would


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