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1998-05-06 10:48:51


Army Has Over 200,000 Noncompliant Systems and Devices


I received this e-mail on May 6. It is from the U.S. Army's y2k Program Manager. In one of those strange coincidences, his name is Dates. Even more strange, it's Bill Dates.

* * * * * * * * *

Gary - I received your note to Mr. Phillip Loranger in DISC4 requesting confirmation of some numbers that LTG [Lieutenant General] Campbell presented at the recent NDIA Y2K Conference. The quote in your note stated:

"About half the Army's computer systems -- 209,204, to be precise -- are not Y2K compliant and will have to be fixed or replaced by the turn of the century, according to Lt. Gen. William Campbell, the Army's director of information systems for command, control, communications and computers."

The quote is close but not exactly correct. The number of 209,204 should be 209,042 and represents the number of systems and devices in the Army that need to be fixed from a Y2K perspective. This total includes information systems, weapons systems, PCs, servers, communications hubs and routers, telephone switches, heating and air conditioning systems, elevators, etc. The number represents the total estimate of all things that need to be fixed (both large and small) in the Army as of January 1998. It includes much more than what are generally classified as "systems". . . .

Bill Dates, Army Y2K Program Manager.

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