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1998-05-07 21:37:30


If They are All Working on It, Where Are the Want Ads?


I received this letter. I can't argue with it.

* * * * * * * * *

You and I are both extremely skeptical that companies are doing as much Y2K repair as their PR people claim.

Here's a way to get dramatic anecdotal evidence in 10 minutes or less: Pick up the Sunday edition of any metro newspaper. Turn to the classified ads and see how many Y2K-related want ads you can find. Most typical number: Zero.

Even if you grant the benefit of a doubt and assume that any ad that mentions a legacy language (COBOL, RPG, Jovial, APL, and so on) is a disguised Y2K situation, you'll count no more than one or two ads.

To put this in perspective, look for ads that mention Web-based or Java-based programming. You'll see several.

When you can't find more than one or two Y2K ads in a five-pound Sunday paper, you know what it means: Most companies are doing nothing.

If millions of companies WERE doing serious repair work, the metro papers would be running entire classified SECTIONS on Y2K.

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